Xinjiada Electronics: Providing customers with high quality components since 2011

About us:

We will make every effort to offer our clients the finest goods and services in accordance with the philosophy of “integrity-based, customer-centric, quality-oriented, price-oriented, service-driven development.”

We have always taken great pleasure in upholding an unmatched dedication to honesty, excellence, and complete client satisfaction. We understand how crucial it is to offer our consumers high-quality goods and first-rate services in the fast-paced climate of today.

By putting complete client satisfaction at the forefront of its business operations, we have had tremendous success. Our competent, well-trained, and amiable staff members constantly work to build enduring relationships with our clients. With our dedication to quality, we ensure the highest standards, consistently going above and above for our clients.

Electronic component wholesaler XINJIADA Electronics(HK) LTD was established in 2011. Our commitment is to give clients access to electronic and Audio Components and auxiliary services. All areas of the electronics sector are covered by our products and services, including the military, automotive, medical, consumer, industrial control, Internet of Things, new energy, and communications, among others.

For OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, Service & Repair Organisations, Distributors, R&D Groups, and other businesses that need Audio Components, we offer a comprehensive and affordable sourcing solution. More than 140 nations, including the US, Germany, the UK, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan, are among our customers.

Customers come first:

To offer the worldwide electronic manufacturing and distribution sector full component procurement and supply chain services for Discrete Semiconductors.

The company combines its own strengths in information management, makes use of contemporary enterprise management technology, operates effectively on the computer network management platform, and has access to dedicated Internet and Internet throughout the day to get the most recent information and information about global markets in real time.

We uphold the credit management, human-oriented, service-oriented, and quality assurance operational philosophies, continually improve our company management, and work hard to earn each customer’s confidence. Rich experience in marketing and sales operations after years of accumulation.

We are eager to become your top distribution partner for Audio Components By enhancing upstream supplier supply and regularly updating our service system, we will develop a strong and more professional one-stop procurement platform enterprise of electronic and Audio Components in the future. We are eager to become your top distribution partner for components!


2011 saw the establishment of wholesaler of electronic components XINJIADA Electronics (HK)LTD.

We promise to make Discrete Electronic Components and Optoelectronics available to clients. We are quite knowledgeable in many different fields, such as industrial automation and automobile electronics.

communications, medicine, information technology, and new energy.We have put together and developed a skilled team with strong technical capabilities, wealth of real-world experience, and the courage to explore and innovate.

This enables us to lead the industry in sales and technology while also offering the most qualified business advice to clients.

What is a chip:

A semiconductor wafer on which hundreds or millions of small resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors are manufactured is known as an integrated circuit (IC), also known as a chip, microchip, or microelectronic circuit. As an amplifier, oscillator, timer, counter, logic gate, computer memory, microcontroller, or microprocessor, an IC can also do other tasks.

The cornerstone of all contemporary electronic gadgets is an integrated circuit (IC). As the name implies, it is an integrated system made up of several linked, miniaturized, and components that are placed on a thin

Discrete Semiconductors substrate (often silicon crystal).

Microcontrollers are integrated circuits with a CPU, memory, and input/output peripherals on a single chip that control certain processes in embedded systems. A Microchip Technology ATtiny817 microcontroller with Electrolytic Capacitor Values.

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